Opening Windows of Hope for Russian Orphans

His relentless love...

...continues to reach out to Russia's orphans, through camps like this one in Voronezh, Russia. The difference is, the young people ministering to the orphans in this video, were the ones being ministered to in the "Camp Joy" videos posted elsewhere on this site, when we were bringing American teams to minister to Voronezh's orphans, 16 years ago. Furthermore, the kids you see this team ministering to here, weren't even born yet when we were ministering to the members of this team at Camp Joy. Many of you were part of those early teams serving at Camp Joy, or you were responsible for sending us, or donating funds to enable us to host these camps. I hope you're as encouraged as we are to see how the investment you made so many years ago, is continuing to pay such rich dividends. His relentless love goes on and on!!

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Bridging the gap for orphanage graduates from life in an institution to life engaged in running the race marked out for them.

Studies by social scientists point to connection being one of the greatest needs of children who grow up without parents.  The abuse and abandonment most of them experience growing up in an institution leaves them with a great sense of detachment.  This is a ministry committed to connections. 

Though the team is involved in a broad range of orphan ministry, our primary focus is on helping orphanage graduates navigate the troubled waters of life outside the orphanage. Through programs like the “You Are Not Alone Club”, and Hope House residential transitional ministry, we are helping connect these young people to people in the community who affirm their value to society, and will further connect them to the resources and advocacy they’ll need to establish themselves as contributing adults to Russian society.



Our new year has begun, and we are rejoicing over the generosity of God's people to bless this ministry at year-end with adequate funds to erase our deficit, and have enough left over to budget for continued ministry in 2016 without substantial reduction in planned ministry commitments.  Though we didn't reach our goal, we were very encouraged by the outpouring of support.  For budget details, check out this Ministry Financial Update.  We recently returned from Russia where we met with our team leaders and discussed some new plans for 2016 about which we're very excited.  Pray that we all may be responsible stewards over that which He has entrusted to us for 2016.


The story told here of “Fruit-Bearing Fruit”, provides a particularly intimate portrayal of the current state of the ministry, the Russian team that serves it, and the impact all of this makes on our hearts when we stop to breathe in the beauty of what God has done, and is doing, in us, through us, and of course in spite of us.  And, another fun glimpse into the fruitfulness of this ministry is to watch the slide show of new photos from recent orphan camps in the upper right-hand corner of this page.


And, you can’t really consider the current financial needs of this work in the first article, without considering the fruit of this work in the second article above, or without also taking a look at what is currently going on with us, Robert & Ann, and the New Ministry Opportunities & Our Evolving Roles as detailed in the article we’re highlighting here.

Thanks to all of our North Texas area ministry partners who were able to come out to one of our Russian Chai events in Plano and Fort Worth. 

There were over sixty people who joined us, and we were blessed to get to share with them the fruit of their sacrificial labors of love and investment of resources over the past twenty years.  Those in attendance were excited to see how the kids being ministered to in the orphanages 10-15 years ago, are now the ones doing the ministry to the kids who come behind them from those same institutions.  We were also able to cast a vision for the exciting days ahead, as God continues to include us in his plan to reconcile a lost and dying world to himself.

If you missed this opportunity but would like to hear this report,...

...whether you are in the North Texas area or not, please let us know, and let's look for an opportunity to get together.  Perhaps you'd consider hosting such an event in your home.  As you can see by our Financial Update, we are in need of adding ministry partners.  You may know people in your circle of friends who would love to learn of the opportunity to partner in what God is doing through this ministry.


Blog Title

Blog-A-Dot Chronicles 

"Blog-A-Dot" is actually a Russian word meaning Grace, or abundance.   In our case, we use it here to refer to the stories of His Abundant Grace, as we live out His call on our lives.  Follow these stories for more personal insights and perspectives from Ann and Robert.


The Faces & Phases of this ministry

You Are Not Alone club activities and outings take on many forms.You Are Not Alone club activities and outings take on many forms.

'You Are Not Alone Club'

The large group activities of the 'You Are Not Alone' club, styled along the lines of a "Young Life" ministry, serve as a continual reminder to the kids that they are NOT alone in their journey.  It is open to post-graduate orphans or those in their last year at the orphanage.

The Club, having begun in 2004 has now begun it's 12th year of ministry. It provides a safe place for kids to come and hang out for fellowship, tutoring or just to have a healthier, Christian environment than their alternative living situations provide.  There are also organized, planned meetings involving music, games, discussions, meals, and cultural or recreational outings throughout the week.

To see the most current photos from ongoing "You Are Not Alone Club" activities, go to this special Russian Social Media page, - and click through the photo albums & videos posted there to see the club in action. Enjoy!

The guys of Hope House, GAP's residential ministry.The guys of Hope House, GAP's residential ministry.

'Hope House'

Begun in 2006, this residential ministry seeks to help provide guidance and life-skills assimilation, as mature Christian adults walk alongside, and live alongside the young men of Hope House. 

All of the guys at Hope House are either working or going to school with the desire to develop healthy independence.  They share in the duties of a regular household. They are encouraged to grow wherever they are on their spiritual journey.

Getting a house is one thing.  Getting one that is inhabitable is another story.Getting a house is one thing. Getting one that is inhabitable is another story.

Mentoring, Jobs Development, and Advocacy programs

One of the newest facets of this ministry is taking aim at a more aggressive approach to the orphan graduates' transition and integration into society, taking the form of a more specialized and focused life-skills, and marketplace skills training program.  One of the most valuable forms this program takes is through seeking mentors to walk alongside the orphanage graduates, teaching various skills, but perhaps more importantly modeling a responsible approach to living independently, while at the same time acknowleging how desperately we all still need the support of one another in the context of community.  

This ministry is currently seeking support, national partners, and advocates intent on assisting these young adults in their battles with a system that often further victimizes them by denying them rights to employment and property.

You can help open...

Windows of Hope for Russian Orphans praying.

Prayer is so very vital to this ministry.  We are in a battle everyday and we so desperately need prayer warriors at our side continually.  Please answer the call to fight alongside us. Committed to faithful stewardship, and a member of Evangelical Council for Financial AccountabilityCommitted to faithful stewardship, and a member of Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability giving.

There are always opportunities to invest in the financial resource needs of this ministry.   Since stepping out by faith in 1996, God has shown his faithfulness.  And, since the inception of this initiative in 2004, He has faithfully provided through people who have simply learned of the need, mostly through this website, and responded sacrificially to the cry of the heart of God for His children.

Almost all of the funding of this work comes from the Ministry Account of Robert & Ann Fuqua.  A number of individuals, as well as a few businesses and churches, who have faithfully and sacrificially given to this account is what enables the Fuquas to continue to faithfully show up in these kids' lives, serving as a reminder that they have a faithful Heavenly Father whose love for them will never fail them. These funds also continue to fuel the work of the ministry team, taking "Days of Joy" to the orphanages, hosting camps for orphans throughout the year and the You Are Not Alone Club, as well as caring for the young men who reside at Hope House.  Thank you for your prayers and your gifts that keep this ministry going.

More information about designating gifts for this ministry can be found on the page entitled, "Ministry Financial Update".


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